Dark Storm "The Early Years" CD'94-96

Dark Storm 'The Early Years'
Preview (30s, 150kB)1. Intro
Preview (30s, 150kB)2. Trial With All Gods
Preview (30s, 150kB)3. Vengeance
Preview (30s, 150kB)4. Vatican In Flames
Preview (30s, 150kB)5. Svata krev
Preview (30s, 150kB)6. The Shedding Of Holy Blood
Preview (30s, 150kB)7. War
Preview (30s, 150kB)8. Victory
Preview (30s, 150kB)9. The Rebirth
Preview (30s, 150kB)10. Dark Storm
Preview (30s, 150kB)11. Satan Has Already Risen
Preview (30s, 150kB)12. In Nomine...
Barbarud Hrom - roarrr, lyrics
Vlad Blasphemer - drums, music
Martin Desecrator - guitar
C.O.F.F.E. - bass

Including mCD "Four Lucan Emperors" 1996,
songs from split-EP with Maniac Butcher 1995,
and demo "In Nomine Dark Storm" 1994.
CD (Unisound - Greece)
Dark Storm 'The Early Years'