Nhaavah "Nhaavah" CD'98-99

Nhaavah 'Nhaavah'
Preview (30s, 150kB)1. Death
Preview (30s, 150kB)2. I'm Satan, I'm God
Preview (30s, 150kB)3. Hate
Preview (30s, 150kB)4. Xenophobia
Preview (30s, 150kB)5. The Law
Preview (30s, 150kB)6. War
Preview (30s, 150kB)7. Nhaavah
Stop8. Detremination Of Life
Preview (30s, 150kB)9. Detestation Of Human
Preview (30s, 150kB)10. Devastation Of Church
Barbarud Hrom - roarrr, intros, drums, lyrics
Vlad Blasphemer - guitar, bass, drums, music

Including mCD "The Kings Of Czech Black Metal" 1998,
and songs from split-EP with Katharsis
"Detremination - Detestation - Devastation" 1999.
CD (Unisound - Greece)
Nhaavah 'Nhaavah'