Tundra "Ansia" CD/LP'05

Tundra 'Ansia'
1. Enter The World From The Path Below (intro)
Preview (30s, 150kB)2. Sfogo
Preview (30s, 150kB)3. Toward The Oniric Fields
Preview (30s, 150kB)4. Morbid Hallucinations
Preview (30s, 150kB)5. As Cerbero
Preview (30s, 150kB)6. Demons Of Innerself
Preview (30s, 150kB)7. Poisoned Mind
Preview (30s, 150kB)8. Inner Helvete
9. Co dobre pro mne, dobrym jest... (cover of Maniac Butcher)
Barbarud Hrom - roarrr
Vorgehn - guitar
Pesten- bass
Abominio - drums

Music recorded in Hell-Studio LTD (Italy), Summer'04
Roarrr recorded in Nhaavah-sound, September'04
CD (Long Ago - Czech), LP (Slava Satan - Italy)
Tundra 'Ansia'