Maniac Butcher "Epitaph - The Final Onslaught
Of Maniac Butcher" CD/LP'00

Maniac Butcher 'Epitaph'
Stop1. Co dobre pro mne, dobrym jest...
Preview (30s, 150kB)2. Bitva rozhodujici...
Preview (30s, 150kB)3. Ve stinu hor Krusnych...
Preview (30s, 150kB)4. Znacni mordove...
Preview (30s, 150kB)5. Zkusenost i nauceni zaverecne...

CD includes special video track playable on PC
Barbarud Hrom - roarrr, lyrics
Vlad Blasphemer - saw, music
Butcher - drums

Music recorded in Hell-sound, July'00
Roarrr recorded in Nhaavah-sound, August'00

Lyrics / Texty
CD, LP, MC (Death To Mankind - Spain / Pussy God)
Maniac Butcher 'Epitaph'