"The Best of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher" 2-CD/3-LP'92-02

'The Best of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher'
The collection including
the darkest blasphemies
taken from all 6 albums and 2 demos
completed by several unreleased
studio-, live-, and rehearsal- tracks
and 8 covers of Maniac Butcher
Preview (30s, 150kB)1. The Beast Of Hell (2001)
Preview (30s, 150kB)2. Barbarians (1995)
Preview (30s, 150kB)3. Vsehomir veskery... (1999)
Preview (30s, 150kB)4. Dva tisice let (1993)
Preview (30s, 150kB)5. Ve stinu hor Krusnych... (2000)
Preview (30s, 150kB)6. Luza okolni... (1998)
Preview (30s, 150kB)7. Procitnuti v smrti (1994)
Preview (30s, 150kB)8. Pulnocni rise (1996)
Preview (30s, 150kB)9. Dva tisice let (1994)
Preview (30s, 150kB)10. Pisen cernych vran (1997)
Preview (30s, 150kB)11. Co dobre pro mne, dobrym jest... (2000)
12. Rada uzitecna... (live 1999)
Preview (30s, 150kB)13. Pulnocni rise (live 1999)
Preview (30s, 150kB)14. Besneni bitevni... (live 2000)
Preview (30s, 150kB)15. Sileny Reznik... (live 2001)
Preview (30s, 150kB)16. Dva tisice let (1999)
Preview (30s, 150kB)17. Vladce modre oblohy (1997)
Preview (30s, 150kB)18. Jezis Kristus (1994)
Preview (30s, 150kB)19. Mesiasuv konec... (1995)
Preview (30s, 150kB)20. Sileny Reznik... (1998)
Preview (30s, 150kB)21. Zatecky hrad (1996)
Preview (30s, 150kB)22. Bidna smrt neslavna... (1999)
Preview (30s, 150kB)23. Bitva rozhodujici... (2000)
24. Pisen cernych vran (covered by Inferno)
25. Oci obeti... (covered by Rehtaf Ruo)
26. Sileny Reznik... (covered by Avenger)
27. Barbarians (covered by Thy Winter Kingdom)
28. Posledni varovani (covered by Dark Storm)
29. Co dobre pro mne... (covered by Impending Doom)
30. Mesiasuv konec... (covered by Gottlos - LP-bonus)
31. Co dobre pro mne... (covered by Tundra - LP-bonus)
2-CD (Elegy - USA), 3-LP (Undercover - Germany), 2-MC (Rawblackult - Bolivia)
'The Best of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher'