...This album is simply fucking breath-taking...
The Daily Stab (USA)

...It makes you want to keep listening to it, over and over again...
Funeral Rain (USA)

...The band sounds as raw as ever and their music crushes since the first riff...
Infernal Masquerade (USA)

...This is black metal as it once was – bloodthirsty, wild-eyed, straight-forward, and forever stained by the ash of burning churches...
Terrorizer (UK)

...Thank Satan they decided to regroup and show all the black metal kiddies out there what straightforward, true black metal is...
Slug (USA)

...One of the highlights of the black metal genre this year...
Ice Vajal (GER-UK)

...Maniac Butcher are a great band...
Metal Reviews (USA)

Terrorizer (UK)

Innovation and progression are all well and good, and undoubtedly contribsute to the growth of a genre whose roots still lay firmly soaked in the blood of the past, but there’s something to be said for simply doing something right. Take, for example, Maniac Butcher. Back after a 10-year hiatus, these Czech bastards have been grinding it out for so long that they’re able to list Darkthrone and Mayhem amongst their contemporaries, and it shows. This is true, orthodox black metal – done righ. This is black metal as it once was – bloodthirsty, wild-eyed, straight-forward, and forever stained by the ash of burning churches.

Zero Tolerance (UK)

Masakr casts aside the past ten years with a single swing of its blood-drenched claw, returning to the swarming Hellhammer-by-way-of-Darkthrone violence of the band’s rich history as if not a moment had passed. Indeed, the influence of the latter is now somewhat lesser, with the band displaying a more individual sound than before. Without a superfluous moment or throwaway riff, the album’s 30 minutes pass in a thunderstorm of forthright scorn.

Slug (USA)

Maniac Butcher = Immortal (old) + Mayhem + Bathory + Darkthrone
It’s been ten years since arguably the best black metal band from the Czech Republic, Maniac Butcher, released Epitaph, their supposed swansong. Thank Satan they decided to regroup and show all the black metal kiddies out there what straightforward, true black metal is. It’s almost as if the band got swallowed up in a wormhole for ten years, because don’t really sound like they’ve skipped a beat. Well, maybe they amped up the production value a bit, but it’s friggin’ pristine, yet still visceral and raw as black metal is meant to be. Barbarud Hrom’s vocals are a welcome, venom-spewing atrocity that propels the maddening mid-to-fast tempo, lower-tuned, churning, tremolo-rolling mayhem that is Masakr’s guitars. There is serious warrior-worthy black metal shred going on too, giving the record a battle, banner-carrying feeling, and almost instantaneously inducing fist pumping. A good hunk of the forebears of black metal have gone soft or far from the realm of what they were, so it’s a good thing that lying in the underground there are still some forefathers that are purveying the utmost unholy black metal anthems. There are some moments when the drum sounds a bit too produced, but the songwriting in the six tracks and 30 minutes of sheer mayhem of Masakr is worth a little bit of digital mix boarding error. Thank you for returning, Maniac Butcher, and making me forget some of the major black metal atrocities of the last ten years.

Culture Asylum (USA)

This is the band for pure raw black metal…the most brutal black metal ever created by a black metal outfit…Blasphemer and Barbarud are the true kings of black metal.

Ice Vajal (GER-UK) - 9/10

Maniac Butcher is a Czech black metal band that has been on extended hiatus for the past decade. Masakr is the band's seventh full length album and is a truly horrifying beast of a record firmly rooted in classic black metal territory.Its actually really refreshing to find an old black metal band still producing the same kind of music they started with! These guys have refused to pander to the 'black'n'roll' stylings of Satyricon or Darkthrone nor let image overcome artistic integrity in the way that Dimmu Borgir and Immortal have. No, these guys still play ferocious, untamed black metal of a high quality!Everything you would expect to hear from a raw black metal band is hear. The production is raw but not to the detriment of the music, the guitars have the typical black metal timbre and everything is played at fast-hyperfast speeds! The vocals of Barbarud are brutal too, not being overly high-pitched but rather a really well-rounded but raucous scream. They're barely decipherable but who cares!One of the highlights of the black metal genre this year. When Satan storms the gates of Heaven, it will be Maniac Butcher that provides the battle songs!

From The Dust Returned (USA) - 9/10

I can only imagine the communal sum of all the shit that has gone down in the past decade since Czech warriors Maniac Butcher have delivered a humble, yet brute ass whooping to the masses. I transitioned from a 20 something to a 30 something. I survived one maniacal President of my country for 8 years, only to be thrown under the bus of another seemingly maniacal President. I shifted careers a number of times, went back to and finished University. Graduated. Move on. Moved to several new addresses. Even beyond the personal, the landscape of an entire world has changed, even the face of metal music itself. We got garbage like Metalocalypse, the excess follies of folk metal, deathcore, and horrible fairy metal bullshit took a turn for the popular due to scrap acts like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil, the 'New Wave of American Horseshit', the mindless revival of kiddie thrashers attempting to be someone they never were when it mattered. Madness, I say!
From the gloom and din of ever shifting times, the Czech barbarians emerge in 2010 as if this past epoch had never transpired. The world has gone soft, in the brains and in the muscles, and Barbarud Hrom and Vlad Blasphemer have returned to beat it repeatedly with a morning star that has seen more battle than an inner city youth. Hail, it is about fucking time! Masakr is the band's 7th full-length splatter platter, and it mirrors all the simplicity and excellent writing the band used in the past through records like the debut Barbarians, the Lucan-Antikrist or the more recent Invaze. Six anthems of blasphemy doled out in the band's native tongue, and quite impressively mixed. The band sounds brighter and more bloody than ever before, and the motto of 'No keyboards!! no female vocals!! Only pure black metal!!' is still represented in their delivery, though the band might make a synthesized exception for an intro or interlude (we can accept this!)
Maniac Butcher are essentially the aural component to a parallel world in which Robert E. Howard novels or the most bloodiest, Dark Ages of history are the norm and the now. Simple thrusts and jabs of wretched black metal with superb if primal riff compositions. The band have been around for such a long time that their peers could only be counted among the originators of this field, like a Bathory, Mayhem or Hellhammer. The riffs are forceful and engaging, the drums a steady hand-turned fleshgrinder which is not running short of corpse supply any time soon, and the vocals diabolic and absurd like vagabonds and hags picking through the remnants and spoils of war once the grand violence is done. Masakr is a brief campaign, enduring about 30 minutes of length, but it never once wears out its welcome or fails to deliver a ravaging campaign of bloodthirsty Hessian savagery.
"Desatero krutych zim prezitych v teple zhnouci zare slavy minule" heralds the red dawn with the screech of eagles and ravens, the tumult of low, swollen synth warfare collapsed into a riffing storm that clouts you over the head and drags you back to the cave like a neanderthal, as if you were to be that night's main course. Once the band cruise into their mid-paced Hellhammer style riffing, you just want to smash your spiked armbands into the nearest human edifice, drawing pain and crushing all hopes for a better tomorrow. "Projizdka hvozdem hlubokym za oucelem scitani stavuch vlkuch a vlkodlakuch" opens at a thrashing pace, surging into melodic fire while the bass plods along almost too innocently for this grim field of war. "Rozhodnuti nezvratne vsecken mir rozhodne rozvracejici" is perhaps the best of the album, with a fantastic verse guitar that rekindles the fires of 90s bombast and a particularly rasping vocal fragment as the pummeling, melodic muted black/thrash of the chorus parts for hammering double bass. What a fantastic song this is!
But it does not end with the first three chapters, because the band picks right up for "Bezbozne rouhani zpovedni před tazeni vojnoveho zapocetim", with a winding, hostile black/death metal rhythm that pulses like an amputated vein over the steadiness of the mid-paced drumming thunder, soon bursting into a climbing wall of vile chord climax. 'Masakr krvavy pro plneni zajmuch vyssich i rezniceni nadbytecne pro kojeni puduch nizkych' speeds up with frenetic melodies which feel akin to a flutter of vampiric vultures picking over the bones of the ghastly theater of spent flesh in human conflict, and the final piece "Zakonceni oudesne bezpoctum krutou jistotu slibujici, vsak mne bezpocet slibnych nejistot skytajici" is a mid speed crusher with some jangling, venomous guitars that haunt above the mind like specters of no remorse, and a surge of power like a tank slowly rolling across the human remains.
For such a hiatus, Maniac Butcher are in truly fine form, and Masakr is honestly the equal, if not the superior, of any hostile statements the band have written in the past. Sure, it might lack some of that cryptic, old school produce as with Barbarians, but its so well written and balanced to never tire the listener despite the fact its such stock, primitive black metal, the likes of which we've heard thousands of times by now. That the Czechs can infuse this formula with such life, or rather taking of life, in this new decade is a grisly testament that doing something 'right' is just as valid as doing something 'innovative'. You can very easily close your eyes here and dream of your breath turning to frost as you retrieve your axe from the nearest body you have emptied of its spiritual host, and scan the horizon to see the wolfs and buzzards making their carnal rounds, examining you eye to eye to determine if you'll be the next to fall. It's so effective that it makes the listener want to live in this horrifying world, as the best black of traditional black metal always has. So grab the nearest war hammer or morning star, don your spikes and chained mail and join me. Fuck the hipsters. Hail Maniac Butcher!

Metalmaniacs (USA)

MANIAC BUTCHER’s Masakr is the first release from the “legendary” Czech black metal band after a 10-year hiatus, so you can bet some freaks are gonna be leaving the basement to go buy this. Or, more likely, not leaving the basement while they download it and Maniac Butcher somehow make even less money than they ever did before off their raw, no-frills black metal. These dudes pride themselves on no keyboards and no female vox, and you know what? We at Metal Heart can get behind that. And six songs, 30 minutes, some kind of animal squawking in the intro? We can also get behind that.

The Daily Stab (USA) - 8/10

Wow. This album is simply fucking breath-taking. The raw oldschool aggressivity emaning from these cuts is so poignant it screeches through the mind and brings the blood to a boil. I haven't spent a lot of time with this band in the past but this release sure motivates me to look into their back catalogue for more delicious blasphemy.
The disc is well balanced between dizzyingly fast, brutal cuts, and slightly progressive and catchy numbers that are really quite addictive and memorable to these ears. ''Desatero krutych zim...'' kickstarts on a bit of an overblown ambient and extremely cliché note, but soon turns into a classic BM attack that's truly energizing, while being more or less original. I've heard hundreds of bands going for this sound. It is enjoyable, but nowhere near a true innovation. It took me aback quite pleasantly that the next cut goes for more of a modern black metal approach with more of a progressive leaning, while retaining the ferocity that made the first song so infectious. While I was satisfied by the turn the sound was taking, I had a craving for riffs that truly push the enveloppe, and ''Rozhodnuti nezvratne...'' is definitely the most memorable track in that department so far, out of the first three. It's an entertaining cut with more of a defined personnality and enough grit and catchiness to stick with me. ''Bezbozne rouhani...'' is slightly more down-tempo but I found myself appreciating this side of the band since it showcases their talent at writing steel-solid riffs that lay a foundation for an extremely dark and charming sound that doesn't have to be ridiculously fast to be interesting.
''Masakr krvavy...'' is a perfect blend of both this band's comfort zones, and it's the most diverse tune on here for sure. It has the blackened and fuckin' demented fast parts, the down-tempo moments supported by some of the best riffs I heard since track one, and from beginning to end, it's so well thought-out and truly much more varied than everything else that can be found on this album, I didn't zone out for even half a second, and I sincerely can't say the same about the previous cuts in which the band seemed to dwell within one or two patterns that seemed to stretch out to no end while at this point, they seem to get that you gotta throw in some spice and some twists to keep the listener on board. ''Zakonceni oudesne...'' doesn't truly respond to this craving, but it seals the deal in one fucking punchy and satisfying fashion still.
This album's most solid cuts are fucking awesome and I can pinpoint three tracks out of six that are gonna keep me coming back to this release. Thing is, the whole thing could've been perfect if it was more varied and audacious. I'll be looking into the back catalogue for more of that since I know this band is definitely capable of surprising me.

Corazine (USA)

A decade of dormancy is over. Maniac Butcher is back to bloodslinging with its rivet to the head black metal viciousness. The production is one of the first things I noticed. It manages to be (deliberately) thin and thick at the same time. Sharp. Razor cutting like a knife, flat across the ears as a tool to hit with, as well. Then there's the music itself. Furious, racing guitars and drums and inconceivably sneery black metal vox. It's an elevated underground sound, gritty but with a sheen, know what I mean? Abusive and disemboweling and mean as fuck, Maniac Butcher may have a name like a deathgrind band but it's black metal all the way.

Funeral Rain (USA) - 8.5/10

Their first album in ten years(!), and Maniac Butcher still haven’t lost their touch. This is just goddamn insane straight up black metal, and it’s perfect for those that like an almost more death metal approach to the genre, without entering blackened death territory. Think Marduk, if you’ve never heard Maniac Butcher before, or some of Belphegor’s output, and at times old Peaceville-era Darkthrone.
The sound is raw, trebly, with excellent riffs that stick in your head long after the album is done. It makes you want to keep listening to it, over and over again. Now if only I understood the lyrics; they’re all in Czech.
My favorite tracks are the insane “Bezbozne rouhani…” and the riff-laden “Rozhodnuti nezvratne…”.

Metal Crypt (USA) - 4.25/5

Czech maniacs Maniac Butcher return after some 10 years with Masakr, determined to kick your ass – and that, they do. Raw, chaotic, thrashing Black Metal rapes your speakers for nearly half an hour - just the perfect length for such a devastating onslaught. Unintelligible, visceral rasps take center stage like a fucking demon haunting your mind, while the drums blast away incessantly - no incessant blast beat crap, just some thunderous hammering of the skins.
Mid to fast-paced, Masakr varies from haunting and menacing, kind of suspenseful, all the way to a blackened speedfest that destroys everything in its path. No fancy guitar work, though the delivery at slower speed is pretty damn effective in creating a bone-chilling atmosphere. Throw in some good old school, basic and savage riffage, the kind of stuff you expect from Maniac Butcher and you've got a party. The decent production doesn't deter the raw nature of the material here; it simply ensures that your ears are meticulously assaulted by this sonic assault. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from these guys.

Infernal Masquerade (USA) - 88/100

After a ten year hiatus Maniac Butcher returns with a powerful Black Metal release that will surely send a lot of crappy Black Metal bands crying to their garage wishing they could craft such hate filled anthems of destruction. The band’s original members Vlad Blasphemer and Barbarud Hrom are back in top form and ready to spread disease through the world of Black Metal.
With six songs clocking around 30 minutes of hate filled raw Black Metal, it’s like the band never left the scene. Featuring a crystal clear production, the band sounds as raw as ever and their music crushes since the first riff. Haling from the Czech Republic, the band writes are their lyrics in Czech, so we can’t really know what they are singing about but all we care about is how brutal and chaotic their music is.
Vlad Blasphemer handles all the instruments in this release, providing powerful riffs and catchy song structures that will please all fans of the genre and will keep them asking for more. The drums are precise and aggressive enough to keep up with the masterful tremolo-picking skills presented in this release. Even the ‘rhythmical’ sections are crushing and demoralizing.
Barbarud Hrom provides a very solid performance in a raspier, more Death Metal-ish sound, creating a thick atmosphere of disharmony that only the old school bands know how to do so well. But don’t think that this dude is growling, since his vocals are as Black Metal as you can get without recurring to the high-pitched shrieks of destruction like countless other bands do.
Songs like “Masakr Kravy…” will make you beg for mercy, but will also satisfy your needs of raw uncompromising Black Metal. The Black Metal anthem “Rozhodnuti nezvratne…” is another of the songs we deeply enjoyed with it’s monstrous rhythmical sections that allow the song to take a whole different shape than the traditional ‘blistering fast’ approach to the genre.
Overall, “Masakr” is probably on the band’s best sounding albums to date. The production behind it is crushing and creates a very powerful album that doesn’t need to sound like shit to be raw and brutal. If you are a Black Metal fan, you shouldn’t miss this brilliant come back release of one of the Czech Republic’s most crushing and infamous bands.

Metal Reviews (USA) - 84/100

Unbelievably here releasing their seventh album, Czech underground legends Maniac Butcher are the very meaning of ‘true’ – true to themselves, true to the music they play, and true to you, reforming after a decade-long hiatus to bring you more of their form of Black Metal. Their motto? "No keyboards!! No female vocals!! Only pure black metal storm!!" And whilst there are various interludes that break these rules, like the intro to opening track Desatero krutych zim prezitych v teple zhnouci zare slavy minule with its synthesized animal calls and deep primordial hum, the music itself most certainly does not – like the warrior on the front cover, Maniac Butcher take no prisoners, offer no mercy, but constant slaughter, and the sludgy opening riffs and ridiculously slurred growls soon turn to blasting speed and hateful snarls as the barbarians ride into a Hellhammer-esque charge. Unlike some, however, the band take you along for the ride, varying riffs and tempos to keep the listener’s ears pinned back – there’s even an ambient part at the end of the track with male and female vocals interwoven, like early Celtic Frost from a completely different perspective.
I was expecting to enjoy this, true, but it’s a pleasant surprise just how much I do. The Immortal-esque thrashiness that opens Projizdka hvozdem hlubokym za oucelem scitani stavuch vlkuch a vlkodlakuch is a delight, epic flourishes mixing with raw ripping speed, a jaw-droppingly perfect solo shrieking out above the music before battle resumes. It’s little short of brilliant, the band knowing exactly what they’re doing, the songwriting expert (something I can rarely say about Black Metal!) and the effect glorious. Rozhodnuti nezvratne vsecken mir rozhodne rozvracejici is as good if not better, Darkthrone-y guitar lines above solid drumbeats, and a wonderfully epic atmosphere as the swirling blackened thrash assault takes your mind without pity or forgiveness. The buzzsaw blades of Bezbozne rouhani zpovedni před tazeni vojnoveho zapocetim follow swift at its heels, the more melodic Masakr krvavy pro plneni zajmuch vyssich i rezniceni nadbytecne pro kojeni puduch nizkych follows on, and still you’re hooked, the dark atmosphere on the latter track especially gripping.
The album is over before you know it, a perfect slice of Black Metal action that frenziedly delivers on its promises and leaves you wanting more. As other fans of the band will be aware, that sentence could sum up virtually any of their releases, but so what? Maniac Butcher are a great band, and repeating that makes their music no less powerful. Masakr lives up to its name, and is a powerful addition to a discography that can be returned to again and again, whether you understand those lengthy song titles or not.

Wolf Age Magazine (ITA)

I veterani del black metal dell’est europeo sono tornati dopo un silenzio lungo 10 anni! Ebbene si, a sorpresa, senza annunci di reunion o grandi proclami i Maniac Butcher si sono ripresentati sulla scena sfornando immediatamente un nuovo album, breve ma inteso! Masakr contiene 6 pezzi, per poco piu di 30 minuti di “ortodox black metal” senza compromessi! Barbarud e Blasphemer non hanno perso smalto dei tempi migliori, proponendo un sound furioso e tradizionale, supportati da una produzione finalmente dignitosa! Se ci si aspettano atmosfere, tastiere, chitarre acustiche, voci femminili o ritornelli catchy, be avete sbagliato posto! La crudezza dei pezzi ci riporta ai primi anni 90 con il blast beat di Coroner a farla da padrone! Ma il combo della Repubblica Ceca non si dimentica della propria vena epica, che la gloriosa “An Awful End…”! Insomma un disco old school in pieno stile ed ora noi italiani avremmo anche l’occasione unica di vederli live al Black Lake Fest! Attenti! Il macellaio maniaco e tornato!

Cosmo Gaming (USA)

Nearly a decade after they originally broke up Czech black metal band Maniac Butcher has gotten back together and released a new full length entitled Masakr. Despite the fact that the group has been gone for so long they definitely appear to be in fine form as this new effort continues their raw black metal assault. It may be a little short, but Masakr is a welcome return for this long dormant act.
Although the instrumental styles consist of what you would expect from the band, this is certainly not a bad thing as Maniac Butcher is one of those groups that doesn’t really need to change their sound. The instrumentals are still as manic as ever and the guitars buzz saw their way through your skull on quite a few of the tracks. However, one element that still helps the band stand out from some of the others out there is the fact that they have actual riffs and changes in tempos. Rather than hitting you with a continuous blast of black noise there are riffs that are distinguishable from one another and plenty of different elements going on. Masakr does seem a little too short, but this is really the only major flaw with the release.
Vocalist Barbarud Hrom still has some insane sounding shrieks, and this makes Maniac Butcher’s newest effort retain the energy that its previous material had. He not only has some of the most extreme shrieks I’ve heard in awhile but is also able to vary his pitch a little bit more than the average vocalist and hits some lower ranges. It is clear that during the time the band was not together Hrom didn’t lose any of his ability, as this is easily one of the best performances he has recorded to date.
Maniac Butcher in 2010 is very similar to Maniac Butcher from a decade ago, only this time around the production values are a lot better. However, despite the fact that all of the instrumentals are a lot clearer the band hasn’t lost any of their intensity and rawness. Whether you’ve heard of these guys are not, if you like loud and in your face black metal this is another must have release.

Sicmaggot (CZE)

Kdyby mi ještě tak před půl rokem někdo řekl, že budu zanedlouho poslouchat nové album Maniac Butcher, začal bych se smát jak blázen. A ne jen že bych se smál, ale s přehledem bych dotyčného prohlásil za vola a oponoval, že reálnější je padání žab z nebe, než obnovení Maniac Butcher. Přesto je však kapela po 10 letech od vydání poslední desky "Epitaph - The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher" zpátky. A v plné síle!
Dnové mí ještě nejsou sečtení
Tělo mé ještě není scvrknuté
Paže má ještě mečem vládnout zná
A nicota nicotná požrati mne nestíhá

Před 10 roky skupina svou činnost ukončila s tím, že na scéně už není místo pro smečky ze staré školy. Těžko říct, jestli už je celá dnešní scéna na kapely jako Maniac Butcher připravena, příznivci téhle undergroundové legendy ale jistě připravení jsou. A to je jenom dobře, protože mám vážné pochyby o tom, že by kdokoliv jiný dokázal tvorbu tohohle kultu ocenit. Ani po spánku dlouhém jednu dekádu Maniac Butcher neuhnuli ani o kousek ze svých názorů, dle nichž je používání kláves hanba a žádná pořádná kapela se k ničemu takovému nemůže snížit. Takže stále platí pověstné heslo "No keyboards!! No female vocals!! Only pure black metal!!" Ale ruku na srdce, kdo z nás by chtěl od Maniac Butcher slyšet něco jiného? Já teda rozhodně ne! Maniac Butcher rovná se oldschool nářez, tak to má kurva být a tak to také je!
Činnost ta mi nejvíc libá, kratochvíle roztomilá
Profese mnou volená - řezničina šílená

Kdo kdy slyšel předchozí tvorbu, překvapen nebude, ale tohle není ten případ, kdy by to vadilo. Právě naopak! "Masakr", ač vychází po desetileté přestávce, je typickou deskou Maniac Butcher - ničím neředěný, nekompromisní a agresivní black metal, který páchne starobou na sto honů a ještě dál. Brutální tempo, dvou-kopákové závody, bzučivé kytary, podzemní feeling, nasraný vokál s jasně rozpoznatelným frázováním Barbaruda Hroma. Prostě Maniac Butcher v té nečistší podobě. A výsledek? Peklo!!! Čekali jste snad něco jiného? "Masakr" je album, které si s naprostou většinou českého black metalu může vytřít prdel. Takhle dobré to je. Ne, že by se u nás nedělal dobrý BM, ale legenda je prostě legenda. Je to opravdu citelný rozdíl, jestli vám to hobluje nějaká "jenom" solidní UG horda, nebo jestli to valí takováhle kapacita.
A sluchem mým jest nejvíce ceněna
Mrazivá píseň vlčího plemena

Genialitou zavání textová stránka, která mi stylem psaní a svým vyzněním přijde absolutně nejlepší v celé historii Maniac Butcher. A nejen to, naprostá špica to je i v rámci celé české (nejen) BM scény. Opravdu radost to číst. Tohle trumfne už jen Franta Štorm s Master's Hammer. Sice má "Masakr" pouze půl hodiny, ale i za půl hodiny se dá udělat apokalypsa. Nemá cenu, abych tu na to dál pěl chválu. Jestli jste fandové black metalu, tak tohle prostě musíte (!) mít doma. Já si jako dlouholetý příznivec Maniac Butcher chrochtám blahy, fošnu sjíždím každý den a nemůžu přestat. Co vám budu povídat, je to prostě MASAKR!
Hodokvasům bezbřehým nestřídmě se oddávati
Z rohu stálé hojnosti ku smrti se opíjeti

Mortem (CZE)

Vůkol výjev děsuplný, pole žírné pobitevní
Mrchožravci přecpaní, teřichy jim pukají
Krajem smrti kolimahy hřbitovní již drkotají
Po mnoho dnůch zdechliny jsou po tuctech sváženy

Šílený Řezník po deseti letech mlčení přichází s prakticky stejně nekompromisní tváří, jako v celé své historii, která sahá ještě do první poloviny devadesátých let. Zasvěcení tu historii znají, nezasvěcené zajímat nebude, přistupme tedy rovnou k „Masakru“. Co bylo vlastně pohnutkou k obnovení skupiny, dozvíme se níže. Základní duo Vlad Blasphemer (kytara) & Barbarud (hlas) tentokrát doplňuje Infernal Vlad na kytaru, Lord Obst na basu a za bicími sedí špičkový bubeník Tomáš Corn, zde uváděn jako Coroner. Mám před sebou vyvedenou LP edici, na níž dobře vyniká titulní malba zobrazující krvavý masakr středověké bitvy, a samozřejmě nechybí klasické logo MANIAC BUTCHER.
Po hlubokém intru nastupuje “Desatero krutých zim přežitých v teple žhnoucí záře slávy minulé”, extrémně dlouhé názvy skladeb k MANIAC BUTCHER patří. Dobře, že je tomu stále tak. Barbarud má velice vytříbený poutavý jazyk, a jak pročítám celý příběh, dovedl ho v současnosti do dokonalosti. Vize středověkých bitev mezi řádky ukrývají autorovo vyprávění o jeho současných postojích nebo pocitech, lze tam vyčíst i pohnutky k samotnému návratu kapely (to je sama titulní skladba “Masakr krvavý pro plnění zájmůch vyšších i řezničení nadbytečné pro kojení půdůch nízkých”) a cítím z toho i atmosféru oblastí kolem Hořovic, Křivoklátu, možná Berouna, možná Žatce, to už je hodně na představivosti každého, ale tyhle vazby ke konkrétním místům velice oceňuji. Všechny texty i názvy skladeb jsou poutavé a přes oči bijící, kořeněné jedovatými žerty a nakonec jistotou, že „Masakr“ jen tak neutichne. Je to tradičně příběh života a smrti, opravdovější než by se na první dojem zdálo. K hudbě samotné, tohle album není vlastně v konečném vyznění tolik přímočarý black metal jako třeba kultovní „Lučan – antikrist“ nebo „Krvestřeb“. Skladby jsou pestřejší, střídají se různá tempa, rytmické kytary, melodická sóla a podobně. Na jednu stranu se člověku může zastesknout po těch dlouhých černokovových vichřicích, těch částečně ubylo, ale zase je materiál zajímavý svou pestrostí a gradací. Můžete být bez obav, jde o pestrost v rámci úzkých hranic stylu, nic neslučitelného se starým black metalem tam pochopitelně není ani vteřinu. V každém songu jsou nějaké nosné zapamatovatelné motivy, které to táhnou vpřed. Ve skladbě “Rozhodnutí nezvratné všecken mír rozhodně rozvracející” jeden takový připomíná něco podobného z alba „Under A Funeral Moon“ od Darkthrone, a je to takhle správně. Bicí mají kvalitní dynamický zvuk, jen možná až moc precizní a moderní, uvítal bych více basový kopák. A vokál, to je klasický Barbarud, hlas se mu za ty roky nijak nezměnil, tady jsou však delší texty, mohl se více vyřádit.
Okamžik pouhý prchlivý na hlavu naráz vše staví
Mlžinu vichr rozvíří, mne vzbudí ze snůch slazených
Závoje šedé rozcáří, již zřím v barvách satuřených
Ten nápěv není falešný, - složen byl ze slov pravdivých

Je to jako se vším, zarytí příznivci album jistě vezmou všemi deseti, sem tam to ocení někdo, koho starší tvorba neoslovila, jiní nad tím mávnou rukou. Jak mám stará alba hodně v paměti, a budu se asi stejně vracet spíše k nim, jsem rád za tohoto důstojného nástupce. Znovu musím vyzvednout texty plné osobitých výrazů a prolínání středověkých obrazů se současnými. Považuji to za to nejvýraznější, co kdy Barbarud pro MANIAC BUTCHER napsal, funguje to i jako poezie sama o sobě. Pro úplné zhodnocení nahrávky doporučuji vinylovou edici, CD je menší a obyčejnější, o mp3 ani nemluvím, to není nic.

Metalmania (SK)

Black metalových priaznivcov určite poteší raw horda Maniac butcher a ich nový počin Masakr. Po desiatich rokoch je opäť počuť ďalšia z radov kvalitných českých nahrávok vychádzajúca pod Negative existence. Skupina od roku 1992 má už niečo odohrané a Masakr je toho dôkazom.
Album pokračuje v besnení a ukazuje ako sa robí black metal v štýle starej školy s nekompromisným nádychom brutality, nenávisti a vojny. Dielo má síce len 30 minút ale pri posluchu sa nebudete cítiť ukrátení. Nie len skalných fanúšikov ale aj tých čo práve narazili na toto album vyburcuje svižný raw war black metal. Texty skladieb a ich názvy písané v klasickom štýle podobnom práve Maniac butcher vo forme „básnických diel“ sú jasným znakom kvalitne odvedenej práce tejto mašinérie. Bolo by zbytočné rozoberať tu zvuk (ktorý je mimochodom skvelý), lyrickú náplň a všetko ostatné. Kto má rád pravý rúhajuci sa raw black metal, vypočujte a určite neoľutujete ! War !

Minacious (SWE)

The deranged psycho's of the legendary Maniac Butcher return once again! After a long 10 years of silence with “Maskr”. Well does “Maskr” hold up to past Maniac Butcher classics of the past? In a word yes! “Maskr” is 6 songs of pure hate and aggression done only as these Czech hate-mongers can do. Raw, whirlwind and scratchy guitars flow over a pounding barrage of blasting drums. The vocals are pure evil shrieks and screams of Black Metal insanity and fit nicely with the bands ugly, raw sound. Long time fans of maniac butcher should not be disappointed at all. And if you are new to this band and enjoy raw, ugly violent Black Metal done the old school way, this is a good way to introduce yourself to this legendary Czech band.

Canadian Assault (CAN)

I am a Maniac Butcher from way back and yes I am an old coot. Just like these old warriors and I would like to think I still have just as much fight left in my black heart as the Butcher. Who make a triumphant return after a decade long hiatus. I always respected Maniac Butcher for never giving into the trends of synth, goth, angelic female vocals and such things – they were always true to their roots. The intro is cold and creepy sounding as hell, dank ambient backdrop and what sounds like a great pre-historic beast breathing and snorting in a hypnotic rhythm, each breath sending tendrils of steam in the darkness. You can not see the beast through the night and are paralyzed with fear. We then launch into bombastic black metal dripping with ferocity and driving at an electric pace. This new album may be a little more rocking than in the past, but no less evil sounding and still mean & hateful. It is simple and cruel like any good barbarian horde. Masakr is a great combination of catchy speed riffing, blasting rapid fire drumming and some truly sinister rasping black metal vocals that help create a real eerie atmosphere. All the songs are good, but the highlight for me was “Projizdka hvozdem”. It really marries the epic early classic black metal sound I worship with the memorable tremolo riffing and vocalist Barbarud simply sounds possessed and maniacal. The Butcher is back and they are not fucking around. The black metal scene needed an album like this right now and so do you.

RockHard (SK)

Nikdy nehovor nikdy... Alebo – niekedy „navždy“ trvá nejakých deväť rokov. Keď v roku 2000 Barbarüd ukončil existenciu popri MASTER’S HAMMER najväčšieho celosvetovo uznávaného českého blackmetalového kultu, koniec mal byť definitívny. Roky odpočívajúci vladár sa však rozhodol svetu, v ktorom podľa neho black metal dávno nie je to čo býval, ukázať, že jeho ostrie nezhrdzavelo a rameno neochablo. A povedal by som, že ho treba brať vážne. Šesť skladieb na polhodinovej ploche v súčasnej konkurencii stačí na triumf prinajmenšom na domácej pôde. Novinka MANIAC BUTCHER prináša surový podzemný ortodoxný klasický black metal 90. rokov, v porovnaní s ktorým tvorba tých, ktorí sa v Čechách alebo aj na Slovensku snažia „prebrať“ trón, vyzerá ako pokusy vykechlených šašov, ktorí majú kopu „silných a múdrych“ kecov o tom, čo je (dnes) black metal, a nechcene pri tom pôsobia ako zabávači. Barbarüd a Vlad pripravili materiál, definitívne zakorenený v black metale z čias, kedy tam nebolo miesto pre klávesy, romantiku a aj atmosféra bola jediná povolená – pekelná, zúrivá, mrazivá a bojovná. Tak ako za starých čias aj dnes znejú MB dosť seversky – gitarové motívy, melódie a harmónie pripomínajú starú tvorbu klasikov žánru, miestami napríklad ENSLAVED alebo GORGOROTH. Album nie je len o zúrivom čiernom rezaní, nechýbajú úderné „pochodové“ úseky a pomalé pasáže. Hudba je pri všetkej jedovitej priamočiarosti kompozične i technicky prepracovaná, popri brilantnej blackmetalovej melodike sa nezabudlo ani na sóla a povedal by som, že vokály sú spracované kvalitnejšie než za starých čias. Niekto by mohol povedať, že ide o retro, ale chyba lávky, MB takto hrajú prinajmenšom od čias „Barbarians“. A v porovnaní s minulosťou tam posun určite je, tak v hraní ako aj vo zvuku, ktorý je rozhodne blackmetalový do detailu, ale pri všetkej štýlovosti je kvalitný. Posledným kameňom do mozaiky sú typické texty v archaizovanej češtine. Tentokrát je príbeh albumu venovaný tam hore spomenutému vladárovi, ktorému po rokoch ústrania nechýba odhodlanie a je si veľmi dobre vedomý svojej pozície. Sebavedomá metafora (vládca = MANIAC BUTCHER), ale na hlinených nohách rozhodne nestojí.

Headbang (ITA)

Mancavano alla scena da molto ma la pazienza ripaga ogni cosa e cosi, affrontate tutte le difficolta, ecco di nuova in vita i Maniac Butcher. Il duo ceco formato da Barbarud Hrom e Vlad Blasphemer e tornato per la gioia dei piu truci "no compromise". Dall'alba dei tempi il monicker Maniac Butcher vuol dire esposizione, rudezza, declamazione e marciume ed ora e tornato per ricordarci tutto cio.
Masakr e il settimo sigillo discografico ed e spalleggiato dalla Negative Existence (stampa anche su vinile limitata a 500 copie), il disco si presenta molto bene graficamente, logo storico ben impresso e copertina barbara, semplice ma affascinante solo come un disegno imperfetto riesce ad essere, ottima anche la scelta fatta per i colori scuri e sanguigni (si puo dire che la copertina spiega adeguatamente la loro musica ancor prima di sentirla).
Ma veniamo al sodo, come avrete capito i Maniac Butcher non hanno intrapreso nuove strade, il tempo non ha cancellato i proclami e l'unica cosa che differenzia Masakr con il passato e la produzione stranamente pulita in tutto per tutto. Ma il bello e che tutta questa limpidezza non offusca minimamente la carica e il tipico trademark del gruppo di Barbarud Hrom, il suo scream lacerante e deviato e sempre quello e le canzoni non mostrano cedimenti. Il terreno dunque e fertile per l'operato di Vlad Blasphemer, autentico forgiatore di malsanita fatta musica. A Masakr non serve molto tempo per completare la missione, mezz'ora sciolta in sei canzoni dai titoli lunghissimi per un risultato compatto ed efficace, facile perdere la bussola e la cognizione del tempo, la fine poi arriva sempre inaspettatamente e a tradimento.
La prima Desatero krutych zim prezitych v teple zhnouci zare slavy minule e pura poesia barbara, forse il brano migliore di questo ritorno, ma non e certo da meno quello che si sentira dopo a partire dalla melodica (per quanto la parola "melodico" possa avere un senso associata a loro) Projizdka hvozdem hlubokym za oucelem scitani stavuch vlkuch a vlkodlakuch dove i Maniac Butcher appaiono davvero ispirati e dinamici. La pulsante attivita dei primi tre brani e conclusa dalla thrashy Rozhodnuti nezvratne vsecken mir rozhodne rozvracejic dove Barbarud sfoggia una delle sue migliori prove di sempre, da ascoltare con attenzione l'ultimo minuto "d'alta emotivita".
Bezbozne rouhani zpovedni před tazeni vojnoveho zapocetim e pezzo lento ma fluido, episodio a suo modo epico e di respiro in attesa della rasoiata innescata dalla seguente Masakr krvavy pro plneni zajmuch vyssich i rezniceni nadbytecne pro kojeni puduch nizkych, canzone manifesto del Maniac Butcher pensiero. Spetta alla finale Zakonceni oudesne bezpoctum krutou jistotu slibujici, vsak mne bezpocet slibnych nejistot skytajici esalare l'ultimo velenoso respiro battagliero, furia barbarica che scende decisa sull'avversario senza la minima esitazione.
Nei momenti di smarrimento e indecisione c'e bisogno sempre di qualche buon motivo per continuare, i Maniac Butcher hanno con i fatti dimostrato di esserci, di essere ancora il "solito" rifugio dalla massa e dalla parte plasticosa del metal. Potete pure continuare ad ignorarli tanto a loro poco importa.

Infernal Dominion (IND) - 8/10

It's been quite some time since a review has surfaced from me. I decided for this one to do it completely left field and cover one of my favorite black metal bands of all time, Maniac Butcher. In the swirl of past bands reuniting and putting out new records as of late, the return of the Czech legends Maniac Butcher was swept under the rug. Perhaps if this album would've came out a few years ago it would be received differently as I feel it wasn't great timing. Oddly enough, I happened to find news of this CD just doing a random search online for one of their discs. Their last record was Epitaph released almost 10 years ago. Indeed! 10 years and Maniac Butcher has released the ultra furious and heavy "Masakr" to show the younger bands how black metal is played. This CD is full of energy and Maniac Butcher are kicking ass just as much on this release as they did in 1995 with their debut "Barbarians". The difference on this album is that they stray away from their cryptic, raw production on this record to make way for a more modern-clearer sound. However, even though it is clearer it is not overbearing or over triggered in any way. This may or may not alienate fans of the past CD's but make no mistake, the riffs and vocals on this record accommodate for the polished sound. They are still misanthropic in the Maniac Butcher element. Songs such as "Rozhodnutí..." and the title track "Masakr" are headbangers and don't sound out of place on the "Epitaph" or "Cerná Krev" albums. What I must say is a huge improvement are the vocals and the hatred is felt throughout all 6 tracks on this album. Whatever tribulations hindered Maniac Butcher in their absence, it is truly heard on "Masakr"...and in true Maniac Butcher fashion, the record is a relentless half hour assault with plenty of room for repeating and neck recovery time with all the songs and lyrics sung in their native language. This is their 7th full length record and it has not tarnished their name whatsoever. It fits perfect in their discography and with time may be my favorite Maniac Butcher record. I'm quite sure this album will go overlooked with tons of black metal releases coming out but for fans of the old school who want it raw with a modern edge then get this. It is Maniac Butcher in its purest form and quite a breath of fresh air to hear this style sound genuine with so many new bands trying to reinvent the sound. They haven't missed a beat and have maintained their roots without jeopardizing their feeling of the previous albums. Don't think twice!!!

RockUfa (RUS) - 10/10

Второй по легендарности, после Master's Hammer блэк-метал коллектив из Чехии, после 10-летнего странного молчания наконец ебанули свой новый альбом! Легендарны маньяки по-своему, конечно: имидж "иммортал в колхозе", тупые интервью, корефанства с Наргаротом... Ну и многие видели дикий клип, где два разукрашенных опездола в кроссовках носятся с охуенно большими топорами по каким-то лесопосадкам, лазают по деревянным срубам, хуярят на гитарах прямо в лесополосе.
Ну и что бля? Чо я бля блэк-метал-обмудков что ли бля видел мало бля?
В том-то и дело, что много кто видел, но мало кто слушал.. А ты послушай, эти чешские дровосеки реально знают толк в Black Metal! Их альбом Cerna Krev ("Чёрная кровь"), например, я считаю очень крутым Просто на самом деле эти клоуны должны были появиться в то время, когда каждому black metal коллективу сам дьявол рисовал раскалённым копытом на ебле четыре буквы KULT и ставил на самую верхнюю полку, чтобы школоло даже встамши на табуретку не достала. В 80-е! И Maniac Butcher должны были играть в одном хороводе с Celtic Frost и Hellhammer по крайней мере, Масакр именно из этой обоймы.
No keyboards !! No female vocals !! Only pure Black Metal !!
На альбоме всего лишь 6 песен, с характерными для них ебаническими чешскими названиями. 6 песен шипастого олдскульного чёрного метала. 6 песен, и в каждой цепляющий корневой рифф в стиле как раз школы 80-х, но с совсем небольшим уклоном в славянскую школу (я про тех же Graveland, например). Альбом я послушал раз 20 и до сих пор не наелся этой ржавчины. Как будто гитары вырыли из могил и не отряхивая поебошили сразу в студию записываться.
10/10, не жалко! уверенный вин! За свежесть и ржавую пыль в лицо!

Metal On Demand (BRA)

Os Veteranos do Black Metal Tcheco Maniac Butcher estão de volta depois de um hiato de quase 10 anos com o seu ultimo álbum, uma coleção de blasfêmia, Masakr. Apesar da longa espera Barbarud, Blasphemer, Coroner, Infernal e Lord Obst, eles entregam com sucesso um black metal furioso. Se você espera algo atmosferico, violões, teclados, sussurros ou vocais femininos veio ao local errado.
Faixas como " Ten Cruel Winters", " Riding Through the Darkest Woods", and "Fatal Decision" soam como se tivessem sido gravadas em 1993 com vocais infernais, blast beats e riffs de guitarra. De fato, as guitarras de Blasphemer e Infernal trabalham bem juntos, principalmente em faixas mais trabalhadas como "Unholy Confessional Blasphemy" e "Bloody Massacre" e com o fechamento glorioso "An Awful End... "
Esse é um CD um tanto curto e para alguns o seu ataque pode ser implacável demais, não há como negar que Masakr é uma escola do velho Black Metal.


Czech black metal duo Maniac Butcher return after a ten year absence with their latest slab of black metal, Masakr. The band was quite active in the mid-late 90's, releasing numerous full-length albums, a few of splits, and also a few demos. Then, in 2000, they released Epitaph, which was to be the final onslaught from the band. You see, they thought the scene had changed too much, with black metal incorporating too many keyboards ("good for disco music, not heavy metal" they proclaim) and too many female vocals ("We prefer to use the mouths of girls for much different activities" says they. Then in mid-2009, the band reunited for a gig in their hometown, and apparently lit a fire in their blackened hearts to go out and create new music, and this is the result.
Masakr provides us with six songs totalling 30 minutes of raw, unrelenting old-school black metal. No fanciness here, this is black leather and bullet belt wearing, corpse painted, horn throwing black metal from start to finish. The drums are pretty basic, with a lot of blast beats, thundering double bass, and a few basic fills here and there. Just enough to keep things moving along. The guitar is a distorted amalgamation of fast and catchy, somewhat technical riffs, minimal use of tremolo picking, and some pretty decent (if basic) lead work. The bass is there, but doesn't provide a whole lot of anything different, which is really fine for this type of music. The vocals are pretty damn good, with a venomous sound that is purely evil. It sounds like there are multiple tracks mixed together for the vocals, which provides an even more evil sound. Add in the fact that the lyrics are all in Czech - with song titles like "Desatero krutých zim prežitých v teple žhnoucí záre slávy minulé" and "Bezbožné rouhání zpovední pred tažení vojnového zapocetím" - and the evilness of the sound gets amped up even more.
If you want a good dose of black metal, without all of the histrionics that have come into play in the genre, then Maniac Butcher's Masakr is what you are looking for. Fasten up your bullet belt and give it a listen.

Ectomag (USA) - 4.5/5

First things first, I am utterly annoyed with myself for sleeping on this album for as long as I did. I am ashamed to say that the day job now requires me to think and shit and thus I have slept on this and a fair amount of other killer albums as a result. But now that I have had the chance to listen to Maniac Butcher’s “Masakr” I can say with all honesty that it was definitely worth the wait.
The entire album is done in Maniac Butcher’s native Czech so I don’t understand a word that they’re saying, and sadly I don’t have anyone who can translate for me; but even without being able to understand the actual words on “Masakr” it just oozes brutality, hate and sheer awesomeness. The vox are delivered with a guttural rasp that is ferocious, and boarding on inhuman in its utter contempt for whatever topic that they are approaching.
Musically speaking “Masakr” is stripped down pure Black Metal at it’s finest. It has a solid Rock influenced base that keeps the album ground with tight melodies and infectious hooks that keep things moving along smoothly without interfering with the harsh intent of the bands message. Not that I claim to know what the message of Maniac Butcher may be-- after all I don’t speak Czech--but after listening to “Masakr” I imagine their message to be something that spits in the face of all things the society holds dear and fucks it up the ass with its hypocrisy. But keep in mind I an just venturing a guess with that one.
Maniac Butcher’s “Masakr” is one of those albums that transcends the limitations of culture and language to speak of all things brutal that touch the hearts of Metal heads everywhere.

Metalcore (USA)

I have heard several releases from this band before and they were very good slabs of black metal, but with this release I would move the band up way many more notches as this is some crippling black metal. The band have slowed down a bit in parts, but still have many fast parts, but they have slowed it down just a hair. The music is also way more in the vein of old school black metal than the newer style. The vocals are awesome black metal vocals, but not just a bunch of screaming as this guy really gets into it and just has his own style and I loved it. I am not a huge black metal fan, but love the genre when it is done right and done well, and well this band didn’t just do it right they got it right between the eyes and this is easily one of the best black metal releases I have heard this year.

Burning Churches (FRA)

MANIAC BUTCHER is a group that I follow since the day I bought "Barbarians", and although the band never regained in my opinion the fire of this debut, he has always been an honest and respectable band. So when after 10 years of silence I hear a new album is available, I have no choice but to get it as quickly as possible. First surprise, The Cover! No band pictures anymore but a painting as for "The Beast" EP! Is there change on the side of MANIAC BUTCHER? The answer is yes and no. The group continues the tradition of pure Black Metal (no keyboards, no female vocals, etc. ...) But It's maybe less raw and a bit more melodic than in the past ... or maybe we must thank the more than decent production for this kind of black metal album ? It's been a while since I had not been fascinated by a MANIAC BUTCHER’s album like this ! Very catchy ! A bit short but catchy ! Strongly recommended even if there’s long time since you’ve abandoned the butcher!

Covenant (ITA)

Probabilmente con il ritorno dei Maniac Butcher siamo in presenza della reunion meno pubblicizzata e considerata che si è vista negli ultimi anni in ambito black. Dopo dieci anni di silenzio, quando ormai tutti avevano messo una pietra sopra all'eventualità di rivederli attivi, ecco che come un fulmine a ciel sereno l'americana Negative Existence con un comunicato annuncia l'uscita di un nuovo, maledetto album da parte della più longeva, ed aggiungo gloriosa, black metal band proveniente dalla Repubblica Ceca. Il consumatore medio di questa musica probabilmente non sa neanche di chi sto parlando ora, troppo preso da un livello musicale fatto di outing, immagini simil-pirata e poca musica. Il vero maniaco (l'aggettivo non è casuale) invece si starà già sfregando le mani e può stare tranquillo perchè in questo nuovo album non incontrerà spiacevoli sorprese. I Maniac Butcher non hanno perso un briciolo della loro coerenza, della loro compattezza, della loro morbosa devozione al black metal nella sua forma più pura.
Avere tra le mani "Masakr" ("Massacro", e mai titolo fu più adatto) è come avere tra le mani uno qualunque dei cd precedentemente rilasciati dalla band di Barbarud Hrom e Vlad Blasphemer. C'è la grafica old school dove l'utilizzo del photoshop è ridotto all'osso; c'è la foto di gruppo che pù classica non si può; i titoli lunghissimi; i testi nella durissima ed arcigna lingua ceca; le due pagine con la lista della copiosa discografia della band; e, cosa principale e fondamentale, la classica musica che i Maniac Butcher non hanno mai mancato di regalarci. Forti di una line-up che vede i due sovrani della band affiancati da due giovani dalle indubbie qualità tecniche, uno dei primi dettagli che salta all'orecchio sin dai primissimi secondi di "Masakr" è come il sound tipicamente butcheriano sia elevato ad un piano superiore grazie a capacità strumentali di livello, capaci in alcuni momenti di esaltare le tipiche capacità compositive di Vlad Blasphemer. E così un album che più classico non si può, non risulta assolutamente stantio ma anzi dinamico e massiccio.
Il riffing di Vlad Blasphemer, da sempre spina dorsale del sound del combo ceco, anche qui è interprete principale, e le influenze thrash che da sempre aleggiano nella loro musica qui sono prepotenti ma al tempo stesso plasmate alla volontà della potenza più tipicamente black metal. Il risultato che ne esce è al tempo stesso old school ma anche più in linea con certe sensazioni black metal salite alla ribalta in tempi più recenti. Dico questo perchè, pur rimanendo in ambiti 100% Maniac Butcher, certi passaggi sprigionano una malignità morbosa che rimanda ai (the true) Mayhem e decisamente ai Watain, tutto questo in un album dove le velocità rimangono per un buon 80% in ambiti mid-tempo. Mezz'ora di puro black metal ceco, potente, scarno, tagliente grazie alla sua grezzità ma al tempo stesso registrato in maniera decisamente professionale per gli standard europei. Le chitarre di Vlad evitano suoni pomposi e moderni, virando su scarnità grasse e laceranti che nelle parti veloci perdono qualcosina a discapito di una batteria forse fin troppo lavorata sul rullante.
L'opener "Desatero..." è potente e ossessiva, con continui cambi di tempo a rendere il tutto quasi più potente ogni volta che si passa da una sezione all'altra della song. Verso la fine il pezzo di trasforma in una vera e propria invocazione rituale, tra vocals che si riconrrono e la chitarra di Vlad che lentamente disegna una sorta di marcia funebre. La seguente "Projížďka" è con molta probabilità la migliore dell'intero lavoro, dal riff di apertura, fottutamente classico e da headbanging pure, alle sfuriate veloci che vi si alternano passando per gli intermezzi più thrasheggianti: la band si muove in un climax di piacere black metal per tutta la durata del pezzo, dimostrando di essere in palla e di avere nelle proprie mani un lavoro reale e non un'accozzaglia di riff incollati solo per fare un nuovo disco. Lo spetto di "Epitaph" si materializza con "Rozhodnuti...", praticamente la sorella di "Co Dobre...", dove riffing thrashosissimo viene unito a grindate su cui si stagliano lead maligni che generano quell'effetto Watain di cui parlavo qualche riga indietro. Altro pezzo clamoroso e molto cupo nella sua parte centrale, e devastante nel suo continuo andirivieni finale con tanto di assolo alla Nifelheim. "Bezbozne..." è ancora tipicamente Butcher, ma la parte centrale guidata da Vlad è maledettamente morbosa e mostra segni di novità (se così vogliamo chiamarla) in un ambito totalmente classico. "Masakr..." è un'altra stilettata ignorantissima, tra lead guitar maligni e una parte centrale velenosa dove fa finalmente la sua comparsa anche il basso, in secondo piano fino a questo momento salvo rari momenti. La parte finale è una sfuriata spaventosa e frenetica che non lascia scampo. La conclusiva "Zakonceni..." è un carro armato che distrugge inesorabilmente tutto quello che incontra, un festival del palm mute e l'ennesimo manifesto hellhammeriano che in un modo o nell'altro si incontra in tutto il disco.
Sfogliano le pagine del booklet, grazie alla presenza dei testi anche in lingua inglese, ci si accorge come questo "Masakr" si possa definire quasi un concetp album che racconta, in maniera neanche troppo velata, il ritorno dei Maniac Butcher, i valori espressi nel disco, e il futuro oscuro che avvolge nuovamente la band. Il tutto raccontato sapientemente da un Barbarud Hrom come al solito spaventoso, capace questa volta di trasformare il suo bastardissimo stle vocale in una sorta di continua invocazione magica, come se fosse una strega in preda ad un raptus medianico.
Una mezz'ora scarsa di puro black metal che ci ha regalato un come back di livello che i seguaci del genere non possono non adorare. My days are still not finished, my body is not fully withered, my arms strongly grip the sword, and nothingness can't eat my world...

Teufel's Tomb (USA)

It’s been a good past year for comeback albums by some of black metal’s greats. We have had excellent releases by both Beherit and Profanatica. Now we have the return of Maniac Butcher, a band that I feel has put out nothing but quality releases during their entire career! Needless to say, when news of this album came my way, I rushed to order this album.
Masakr opens up with some quick atmospherics before the brutality commences. For those of you not in the know, Maniac Butcher play straight forward, no frills black metal in the tradition of second wave Norwegian bands. Traces of early Gorgoroth, Mayhem, and early Immortal can be found all over Masakr, and, like any Maniac Butcher release, there are no keyboards or female vocals at all on this.
Lets start with the production; it’s very Abyss Studio-sounding to my ears. I’m more accustomed to the complete raw degradation of albums like Invaze and Barbarians, so I find this clean, and more polished production very detrimental. The drums, in particular, sound way too punchy, and mechanical and I don’t like how everything sounds the same on the drum kit. The other downside to this album is the actual drumming performance of Coroner. It’s very dull and sterile, to say the least. There are almost no drum fills at all, and I just feel that his performance could have been stepped up significantly. The guitar tone is razor sharp, and sounds huge, thanks in part to the clear production. The production also favors the bass tones too, and there is a lot of bass presence on Masakr.
Barbarud Hrom’s vocals are as excellent as usual. His angry, overly aggressive tone, is right upfront and in your face… as it should be. The songs also seem a little more varied on Masakr. Mixed in to the brutal black metal sound we are treated to some thrash-styled riffs that would not seem out of place on a Kreator or Sodom album. The effect is crushing and very dynamic in it’s chaotic delivery.
So how does Masakr stand up to older Maniac Butcher releases? Quite good actually, this is not their best work but is an excellent starting point for those who want to get into Maniac Butcher. It’s not a perfect album but when you’re in need of a true black metal fix Masakr will definitely fill your appetite.

Metalmaniacs (USA)

The hordes of black metal legions who are aligned with the old ways can rejoice in the triumphant return of legendary Czech warriors Maniac Butcher. Much to my surprise, the Lords of horse and battle metal from Eastern Europe had returned in 2010 to deliver their seventh full length on an unsuspecting world. It had been ten years since Maniac Butcher released Epitath- The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher. And to be honest they had slipped off my radar after such a long silence. I really have no excuse, as my co-writer here Janet Willis wrote a killer review the album back in 2010 on this same website. But I will claim I was likely on a beer fueled bender the fall of 2010 as Immolith opened for Trident, and also Triptykon and 1349 in NYC. So I submit to you that I missed the album release and it’s previous review here in a drunken black metal haze! So with that in mind, in a moment of rare sobriety, I still think this album a year after it’s release deserves my attention. And now I intend to burden you all with my .02 cents. Fortunately for me I frequent Metalhit.com to purchase music and Masakr was featured as thier $4.99 album download of the week not long ago. I instantly bought it and as I waited the minute or two for the download to complete I wondered if the ten years between albums would have changed Maniac Butcher. Would this be the same band that wrote such legendary albums as Barbarians, and Lučan-Antikrist? Well the answer is a resounding yes! Such atmospheric old school black metal riffage and mid-paced thunderous drumming exists on Masakr, that you would think it had been written in 1993. What Maniac Butcher accomplishes on this album is a bold statement. Maniac Butcher reminds the world that black metal does not have to be symphonic and technical with 300 bpm triggered double bass blast beats to be relevant and in this case colder and more skull crushing then most modern metal of any genre. The band’s war cry of “no keyboards, no female vocals, only pure black metal!” is as true today as it was since the band’s first demo. While the production on Masakr is by far the best production I’ve heard on any Maniac Butcher release, it does nothing to diminish the old school primitive grimness that just oozes from this album. The quality production on Masakr proves that shitty production doesn’t automatically make black metal grim, just as clean professional recordings don’t automatically make black metal sound fake and plastic. It really comes down to the writing and composition. And that is what Maniac Butcher excels at on Masakr. So if you are fan of early, raw, primitive Black Metal that just pounds your senses do yourself a favor and get this album. Hail Maniac Butcher!

Morbid Abominations (CZE)

Cult of Maniac Butcher is back! I would say that not just for me this was the most anticipated album of the year. And it is the return in a grand style - "Masakr" is an ass kicking album in the vein of the purest black metal, for which MB are well known.
Music is quite strongly connected to the last, already ten years old album even though it brings something different. The most important is probably the production which is "the cleanest" in their entire discography. On one hand it is much more dynamic on the other hand it loses a bit of its rawness which used to be so typical for Maniac Butcher. Too bad, I expected more savage music. Guitar work uses more mid-tempo passages, which I like a lot, they give album a good drive.
Definitely the best thing on the album are the brutal vocals of Barbarud, which reach for the highest degree of vileness. I didn' really expect something so insane and morbid. During the listening even the last hair on my arse stands to an attention, too scared to move! That's how I imagine a black metal vocalist.
Generally I think the band kicked asses of the majority of contemporary metal world and proved something others are worthlessly trying during their whole careers. To squeeze a maximum of evil and bestiality into a minimal space.