The Incapable Carrion

Jesus Christ

The holiest redeemer
Cruel judge upon sinner
Reward for humble servants
Burning fire for pagans

Fear from the Hell and the Purgatory
Belief in the Heaven Paradise
Reality - only a cold grave
For both - guilty and guitless

Jesus Christ Nazareth
God's Father's holy son
Master of human fate
His fate is in the hands of Jews

The almighty saviour
On Heaven's altar
The Incapable Carrion
Twisted on the cross

Jesus Christ defended the others
But didn't defend himself
Belief in Jesus is only for them
Whom don't belive in themselves

Fear from the Hell
Belief in Paradise
Only a cold grave

Jesus Christ Nazareth
He governs over the course of whole being
But he didn't prevent himself from his death
And he had to hang on the cross

Dog's death for the dog !

The Incapable Carrion
Twisted on the cross

The strange sign of the Act of God
Demonstration of his incapability
The worshipping of powerlessness
Scorn of human stupidity

The Bond To God

Anxiety from emptiness after life
Solution - the idea of eternal being
Devotion to belief in life after death
The bond of soul to God

The loss of need to fight
For the freedom and the right to opinion
Successful smoothing of all cerebral scrolls
Change to mere implement in church's hands

You have believed in their promises
Of immortality
You lost the most expensive thing
Which you have ever had

Expansion Of The Church

Free land, free people
Don't except the beginning of the period of the cross
Invasion of unknown priest from the South
With strange sign of death on the cross

Bearers of the light of knowledge
The goodness on tongues, lies in the hearts
Missions - expansion of the religion
The cross took the edge of barbarian sword

Damnation of old symbols
The trust in a new prophet
Formerly worshipped heroes
Are thrown down to Hell

Humility of baptized people
The last doubt was died away
The replacement of the old cult
By Latin devotion

Obedient to Master lambs
Deprived of their own thoughts
Chained dark shadows
Waiting for their salvation

From the barbarian to the christian
From the master to the slave
And from the hunter
To the baited game

Centuries only in ascetism
Utterly changed the most of people
But still in that filth
The infidels lived

The hidden idea of revenge
For the ruination of people's mind
Lives in the heart of enemy
Of the false messiah

Now here is the right time for the opening of eyes
For the rousing from lethargy
For the taking of the weapon
And for the ejection of Vatican's serpents

From the christian to pagan
From the slave to the master
Menace and fear
For the enemies

The new master has sat on the dark throne
Strenght - freedom - the weapon for people
He will turn Christ's churchs into dust
So, Holy Church, dread his revenge !

Awakening In Death

The eve on the death bed
Preparation for the way to God
Firm belief in the salvation of soul
Readness to die

The whole life with faithfulness to the Master
Suffering from His trials
Wallowing in dust under His legs
For acquirement of His favour

The "loving" of enemies
Exposing of the other face
The humble surviving in fear
The boasting about suffering

But only one
Your real pleasure
Trust that your torturers
Won't avoid the hand of God

You are writhing in heavy convulsion
On the verge of agony
Whilst your night mares
Have still a lot of strenghts

Awakening from a dark dream
Just before the coming of eternal sleep
Disclosure of severe truth about God
Only too late...!

The loss of trust in the power of God
Misbelief in his justice
Life wasted in lies and fear
Late throwing off of Christian fetters

Sudden fear from death
The rage towards powerlessness of a dying body
Disinterest in confession and absolution
Only enormous longing for revenge

Awakening in death
Revenge instead of confession
Volcano of unbelief and hate
Erupts in your mind

You hate all livng people
Your only wish is the revenge upon them
You wasted your time - you are dying
You are leaving without revenge!

Holy War

The crusade to the Holy Land
Jerusalem - back for Christians
Defence of peace and faith
Holy war -the legitimate affair

Mohamed's prohecy, sons of Allah
And their holy duty
Eexpansion of the Koran by a crooked sabre
Holy war - the legitimate affair

Jahve and the wisdom of the rabbis
The licking of enemies' spittles
The legitimate affair
Holy war - bargain and usury

Jesus, Jahve, Allah
Palestine, Jerusalem, Izrael
Christian, Arab, Jew
Pagan dogs and the choosen nations

The holy war
From chalif's command
With pope's blessing
For rabbi's pleasure

The holy war
The struggle for true belief
The clamouring of peace
The thirst for blood

The holy war
Endless battles
Crucifying of prisoners
Jewish pogroms

The holy war
For Holy Land
Two of them fought
The third one laughed

The abortion of Christian church
Jerusalem in pagan's hands
Never mind - millions of Indians, Eskimos and negroes
Are waiting for the holy baptism

Jews - masters of Holy Land
Persecuted rats in the rest of the entire world
Sionism, antisemitism
Usury and pogroms

Descendants of emirs - street beggars
Desolate mosques
Longing for revenge, pugnacity in minds
Stones against airforce

The holy war
The impossible peace
The eternal hate
Pain and blood


History of mankind
History of questionmarks
The longnig for discovery of the origin
And the meaning of existence of life

Searching for the answers
Lack of knowledge
Incapability of explaining
The invention of force majeure

The discovery
Of the false meaning of life
In the worshipping
Of fictious creator

Temporary submite
For mind equilibrium
Negated by the development
Of human knowledge

Disclosure of false dogmas
Revision of main ideas
The transformation to "morderner" church
The perturbance of Shepherd's lambs

Progress - work of the inteligent elite
With absence of the ordinary individual
Ignorance of principle - estrangement
The second chance for self-appointed messiahs

Misgiving of impotent heads
Menace of their mental slavery
Escape from the uncomprehended world
To the arms of the vampire church

The laziness to work -
Necessary condition for the progress of society
The laziness to think -
Primary case of the stagnation of the individual

The ignorance of the meaning
And the origin of life
The easiest solution
The creation of creation

The almighty God - the creator
His son - Jesus Christ
Masters of mankind
Created by man