Four black clouds
Over Saaz
Free barbarians
Masters of darkness

Only silver fullmoon
Illuminate their path
Under the hooves
Of their black horses

No God can't change their mind
No shepherd can't destine their way
No force majeure can't qovern their lives
They are free...!

Midnight ride
Over the light of fullmoon
Barbarians enjoy their lives
They are free...!

Join them on lucid journey
Join them in Blasphemous
Dark Occult Immortal
Black Death way...!


Enforced religion
Bloody cross
Dark season

Majestic churches
Sublime cathedrals
Pictures ot saints
With gold frames

Ornate altars
Priests - murders

Broken belief
Broken cross
Lucid era
Pagan's revenge

Churches in fire
Cathedrais in ruins
Burned ikons
Melted frames

Destroyed altars
Hanged priests
Pagan's revenge

Holy Father

Holy father, holy seat
Pope, Vatican
Sacred shepherd, altar ot Christendom ?
Live fossil of new age !

God's envoy on desolate Earth ?
Middleman of redeemer and damned mobs ?
Snow-white lamb in black flock ?
Senile dogmatic whh philanthropist's mask!

Hallowed head of Holy Church
Blessed voice of true belief ?
God's tenets - absolute truth ?
Fictious word - the law of credulous ones!

Honoured by whole Christendom authority
Enlightened leader of God's servants ?
Keeper of crowds of chosen ones ?
Blind king of blinded ones !

Holy father, belief in God?
Holy Writ, God's words ?
Senility, blindness !
Fictions and dogmas !


Christian Church
Creator of Hell
The banishment of all
Former heroes

True symbol of the light and the Sun
Thrown down into dark abyss
Christian God - bright lord
Lucipher - dark monster

Lucipher - dark monster
Leviathan - disgusting slimy serpent
Free and loose ones - heretics, stray lambs
Belial - dangerous rebel

The most gracious God
Shepherd, flock keeper
He makes only goodness and love
Hovever, whom work are pain and death...?

The missing of evil-maker
Who will be held liable...?
Satan - master of Hell
Symbol of hate, the incarnated evil

Christian Church
Creator of Hell
The kingdom of all
Mighty heroes

The Second Creation

No God
But man
Creator ot God
In his own image

Man's longing tor control
Fear from liability for his acts
Creation of God for cases of failure
Every act is justifiable by God's will...

Man's God
Also almighty and gracious master
But all evil on the Earth
Is man's work...

The Legend From The Begining Of the Era... alias The End Of Messiah

...master of cripples
king of weaklings,
by rights condemned to cross,
he will bear it and be put to death on it...

...king of terrestrial rabble
is going to death,
oh, christian riff-raff
reflect upon the burden of the cross...

...rotten legs sink
and rise again - stimulated by whip,
they put the thorn-crown on his head,
blood and brain flow out from stabs...

...they put him upon the cross,
pierce his limbs by spikes,
bleed him by pike in his side,
suck the poor life from his poor body...

...floks of crows pecked out the eyes,
brain and blood flowed out,
flies laid the eggs into the tlesh,
hyenas tore out the limbs...

...eaten out skull rolled down to the feet,
skeleton without flesh flashed under the sun,
then the bones spilled, whitened
and turned in the dust...