String of messengers
Of Southern religion
In the name of Jesus
Son of new god

Aim of their pure journey
Free country
Plentiful and flowery,
Czech and Moravian

False mission
Mendacios Tongues
Invoking the cripple
Nailed to the cross

Self-appointed messiahs
Noninvited saviours
Love in their words
More treacherous than a dagger in back

Never performed promises
Donation - bribes
Betrayed trust
Devastated land

Midnight Empire

The arrival of rats from South
Gag for whole country
Sadly perished freedom
Death of strong nation

Only West forests
Breathing and living,
Free and unruly
Since mistrustful

Midnight Empire
Pagan Luka
Its constant frontiers
Eternal tradition


Mighty Midnight nation
Firmly guarding their land,
Thwarting the plans of Southerns,
Destroying all of Christianity

Ancient nation
Courageous warriors
Wading in blood of believers,
Martyring captive Christians

Cruel Barbarians
Infidel pagans
Eternal antichrists
Mighty Lucans

Glaring flame
Black night
Invincible force
Unbreakable power

Castle of Saaz

In the real heart of Luka
In the centre of Midnight Empire
On steep bank
Over wild river

In dazzling glare
Of silver fullmoon
Towers of Castle of Saaz
Glitter by gold

The seat of mighty masters
Famous Lucan emperors
Symbol of paganism
Glorious Castle of Saaz

Place of gathering
Of antichristian forces
Nocturnal preparations
For last battle

The Last Battle

Dense files of Lucans,
Blood-thirsty barbarians
Are rushing worth
To intense onslaught

Defending adversaries
Adherents of Holy Church
Are drowned in their own blood
As just born kittens

Heads of Christians are cut
By axes of Lucans
Crosses from neck-stumps
Are stamped into dust

Heavy battle uproar
Fatal for believers
Fear in faces of Christ's servants
To flee? To surrender? Death is certain !!

Dawn of judgment day
Twillight of Act of God
The last battle
Death of Christianity !!

The Judgment Day

Real judgment day
Unexpected, unforeeseen
Sword - accuser of Church
Keen axe - judge

Calmed battle-field
Wide open gate to Nhaavah
Heaps of fallen Christians
Feast of hyenas and wultures

Honour of famous winners
Exterminaters of Christians
Atrocious barbarians
The mightiest - Lucans !!