Black Blood

Wretched rabble, humble vermin, odious vile mob, as well as poor human waste

You, wretched rabble
Humble vermin
Odious vile mob
Poor human waste

Our one and only universe
You dirt with your existence
You breathe our precious air
The right to live you do conquer

The enormity of your deeds
Can no more be seen-through
Your arrogance really undue
Shall no longer be tolerated !!

Hellpful advice, how to grow old, and also recommendation suitable for life and survival

Now, vermin of the humblest
One good advice for you I have
Beware of being near Myself
Don't cross My very pathway

Evil you may simply meet
For choleric am I
As it seems it maddens Me
Your extreme idiocy

Just taking a look at you
Awakens the beast in Me
I have no response for what I'll do
Know, that you are guilt itself !!

Maniac Butcher, known as Šílený Řezník in Czech language aswell

Maniac Butcher they call Myself
For to the truth not far it is
Simply I'll make you understand
Whether you'll feel My wrath

My axe's edge you shall feel
Coldness of the tempered steel
Blood's warmth of yourself
Mesmerizing moment of death

My detest will be sated
Evilness for some time delayed
Although cruelty may be silenced
But of My blood-thirst not bereft

Bloodlust, yet ordinary vampirism is not alike

Drinking blood not inescapable
For My stomach, oh, so lustful
Even though I kind of thirst for't
But for reasons only spiritual

Blood -liquid of the weirdest way
For man's life a need - But why
of that Mine is not as much I need
- The most frightening mystery

I want to see the streams
That ceaseless streams of blood
From which to gulp mightily
I want more, more fresh blood !!

Novel wish, almost strange, fulfilling it uncommon consequences may be reached

Of My wishes, the greatest
To behold the slime, them all
My hated rivals, the worst enemies
And beings of the mortal fall

Their own blood
They are bathing in
In the grip of death
For mercy praying Me

Their laments will be left unheard
No life will be saved
Path to the realm of death I'll pave
My own life immortal will stay !!

Eternity and immortality, obtained by shedding and following feasting of rivers of human blood

That's only way I please My thirst
Longings and feelings for eternity
And My body will forever be
Lost in utter ecstasy

The blood of crowds of the humblest
As the price paid for My immortality
Undying existence rightly redeemed
With lives of heaps of human vermin

I am eternal, I am almighty
I am blood-thirsty
I am Maniac Butcher
My blood is Black !!