One and only universe, the realm of death and battlefield from the very beginning of time

One and only universe
From the very beginning of time
Had known any while of quitness
Idea of infinite piece is absurdness

There unease is the only reality
In the realm of death and chaotic eternity
Where the mighty rules the fate of the weak
Life of the sick is in the hand of king

To kill is the only chance to live
To kill again looks very attractive
How to gain might and recognition
As the third to conquer glorious vision

Poor wretched death or fame immortal, choice it is quite clear and simple

Under hooves of mighty horses
To be trodden into battledust
Or heads of foes of which they’re short
Can be used in different kinds of sport

Your own fate you have to choose
Because you have no time to loose
Rather hunter than the prey
Kill or die - the only way

For the heroes - honour and the fame
For the beaten ones remain death and shame
To have the shield or to be on it...?
But my choice is definite !!

Bloody thoughts, as well as other different needs for easy running of war on the battlefield

One must help his own fate
To hail the endlessness and fame
Fear - the weight that weighs a lot
Must in mind be erased to an empty spot

The wild spirit to awaken in one’s mind
The raging beast - to bring it into life
For the battleroar that’s unmercyful
The prepare is to be dutiful

But at the moment the moonless night
Will get disturbed by avenging fire
By flames scorching through the sky
The Moon and the Sun will be denied !!

The rage of battle is just beginning ’cause in this moment midnight is coming

Let us draw the polished swords
Let their shine be blinding rivals’ eyes
Let us unleash dogs and birds of prey
And give orders to the bunch of mercenaries

Put forth bayonets
Throw the grenades
Planes fly to the air
Tanks move to their frontiers

The last midnight has just come
My hour of revenge has been chimed
In this time let us make our work
Let the humble vermin die in sore !!

Warcraft, being my daily living as well as momentary, sacramental celebrating

The sound of war-bugle
Drowns the church-bell´s chime
The barking of machine gun
Is for my ears really fine

My vengeance and wrath
Inflaming a mighty blaze
Annihilating fire
Bringing into foe-lines:

Blood and violence
Woe and pestilence
Terror and dread
Destruction and death !!

Fatal destructive invasion, bringing undying fame to heroes and inevitable death to loosers

War-machinery you can not lame
Fields of glory and graveyards are the same
There are neither captives nor wounded ones
Only winners and corpses around us

Destructive invasion or the idle defence
Glorious march or the croaking ravens’
Banner of glory or flag of death
Kill and live or let live and be dead

There is no other choice
No third way
Just win or defeat
Life or death !!